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Why Pinterest Is Great for SEO

You don’t have to be a whore for DIY, easy recipes and home decor to be active on Pinterest.

Though Pinterest has been a platform stereotyped to a certain type of user, the app has more opportunities for creators than people may realize. Known best for wedding day dreams, fashion inspiration or creating an aesthetic you hope your life to look like but never will, Pinterest can bring much more into your life, business, and brand than wishful thinking.

Why SEO Is Important

Pinterest is actually a fantastic tool to improve a website’s SEO (search engine optimization). SEO is crucial for any website’s success. To operate and maintain an engaging site, SEO encapsulates the consideration of keywords/keyphrases; ensuring that google understands the content on the said website to help in SERPs (search engine result pages) and sufficient amounts of backlinks throughout the site. 

Pinterest SEO

Additionally, SEO includes website components like headers, ALT tag images, web architecture, traffic, competitive analysis, and social media—which is where Pinterest comes in. The importance of SEO is that it will drive traffic to your website. From this driven traffic, your engagement will increase,. As word of mouth spreads about your site, more interest will be generated; driving even more traffic, and the cycle continues. 

A website with good SEO is easily discoverable on search engines. Great SEO can make your site more credible. It improves organic search traffic to your site and achieves an overall greater user experience. As a result, this helps your business in the long run to maintain its success. It ultimately will be a key to a successful website that instead of staying stagnant will rather grow.

Why Pinterest Matters for SEO

So yes, it’s time to stop using Pinterest solely for the gluten-free chocolate chip cookie recipes or your next home makeover project and start applying it to your business, your brand, and your website!

According to Hootsuite, as of March 2020, Pinterest has 335 million active users labeled “Pinners,” making the app the third largest social networking site behind Facebook and Instagram. 

Pinterest SEO

Pinterest has become a marketers dream: a quick guide to gain immediate traffic and mass exposure. It’s time for content creators to start understanding the significance that marketers are finding in Pinterest and applying it to their own outlets and business.

Say you’re a photographer, you must have a website including your portfolio, Pinterest can help! A food blogger, same to you! You make fun ceramic mugs and want more people to purchase your product, use Pinterest! Travel influencer that has a website or Instagram account you monetize from, Pinterest can help generate more income!

Putting more of your content that is already on other accounts and platforms (ie. Youtube, Instagram, etc) on Pinterest can eventually draw traffic from an additional audience. An audience that will stream back to your website, increasing your exposure, reach, and potential success. There’s simply no reason not to get on Pinterest.

Pinterest Statistics to Know

The app experiences more than 2 billion searches each month. Its Related pin feature accounts for 40% of the engagement on Pinterest. That means you can drive even more traffic to your website if your content is linked to a sum of other related pins with similar topics.

Pinterest App

If you’re trying to sell any product whether you’re an illustrator, photographer, sculptor, inventor, designer, etc.,  according to a recent study done by Pinterest towards their users “90% say Pinterest helps them decide what to buy,” and 59% use Pinterest to find more information about their purchases.” This alludes to the idea that, Pinterest could be the missing solution to expand your target audience and drive awareness and exposure to your content. From there, you can generate greater profits from your products by receiving  more engagement on the content that you are putting out.

Even “72% say Pinterest inspires them to shop when they aren’t looking for anything,” so if you are concerned your content might be viewed by an uninterested target audience you might still profit from exposure. Simply stumbling past a pin of yours through organic or related search might catch someone’s attention outside of your intended target.

Tips to Try on Pinterest

In order to consistently appear in Pinterest search feeds, the app filters by domain quality which judges your site’s condition. The platform can even register how often you link pins to your website, so add links to your Pinterest consistently. Another way to help increase your appearance on the app is to verify that your pinned images are relevant to the keywords that would be searched for. 

Proper title your pins and descriptions accurately to once again improve relevancy. Basically,  don’t title your photo of the New York City skyline poster that you’re selling as a booty burn workout because it’s not. You can even repin relevant content to your own from another user’s account to drive further traffic to yours; in turn, the app will notice and promote your own pins. 

Pinterest SEO

Beyond securing more traffic to your site, you want to use Pinterest as an avenue for e-commerce. Set-up a Pinterest Business Account and make sure to add a link to your pinterest on your website, adding Pinterest tags throughout. 

You can promote your work in multiple ways to help your website’s SEO to drive the most traffic possible. Figuring out how to use Pinterest to your advantage could lead to millions more visiting your site and seeing your work, so rethink your approach next time you open the app.

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