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Why New York City is the Perfect Playground for Creators

It’s because all of their public parks right?

Have you ever wondered why New York City is the location for nearly every famous movie ever made? Why little girls and boys dream of moving to New York City all of their lives. Why when you say you live in New York City people automatically think you’re eight times cooler than you are…jk you are probably that cool. Don’t you wonder why New York City is one of the most romanticized places in the world to live out your dreams? Were celebrities like Alicia Keys and Jay Z really onto something when they produced songs dedicated to the city?

Of course they were! New York City is the shit.


New York City is simply the place to be. It’s an island where you can achieve endless accomplishments, be swimming in success, yet still get screamed at by a stranger on the subway because frankly, New York City doesn’t give a damn about who you are; and that’s kind of magical, keeps your ego in check. 

New York City Subway

What I mean by this is that you may be the most famous person in the world, and New Yorkers would treat you as an everyday citizen living their life. Granted, New York City still provides avenues to said fame or success, unlike many other cities. Creatives flock to New York City for its cornucopia of opportunities. It’s where creative legends all got their start, where exhibits are based, history is made, and muses roam in every borough.


New York City is like one giant costume. Everyone believes whatever you project simply because you live there and that’s already one step above those who do not. You can be anyone and no one. I believe that’s why creators move to New York. Each day you can choose who you want to be because the city will accept that. Why do you think people believe in the whole “fake it til’ you make it”… because that shits true! 

Fake it til’ you make it!

Creators have this sense of ego that only the energy of the city can stoke. It’s from that synergy of ego and energy that you start believing you are capable of whatever you hope to achieve because the first step was making it here at all, and you did that! Therefore, success in your field would be the most logical and achievable next step once you have the hardest part down already.


If there was a before to ever living in New York City, I’d think the general consensus would be that the rest of the world is too fucking plain. And by that, I mean too many of the same ignorant values, too little variety in cultures, and no other acceptance than heterosexuality. That’s all bullshit. Don’t you crave learning from others unlike yourself? New York quenches that curiosity throws you in a melting pot where you must learn to accept, stay educated, be an ally, embrace differences…or you won’t last.

Grand Central Terminal

Differences draw in creators while inspiration in the diversity attracts creatives. There is so much to learn and understand about others that don’t have the same background, And New York City is the perfect place to explore that. Who wants the boredom of homogeneity when you can continuously come across people of the likes you’ve never known!


For creators, the sense of belonging is either desperately sought for or dramatically frowned upon, being that their stereotype was “never quite fitting in” at whatever bum fuck town they grew up in. But at the core of it, everyone wants to feel like they belong. New York City can provide that to those who have never thought they’d be able to find acceptance or welcoming arms. 


There’s a strong sense whether you belong in New York City or not, you can feel it the moment you move into your first shit hole place grinning from ear to ear and actually thinking to yourself “Wow, this space isn’t that small,” as your living in a two-bedroom with five roommates. Those who belong in New York, know they belong in New York. Once you feel worthy of living in the fabulous city you come to believe you belong there too.


The city is full of other creatives making it a hot spot for inspiration and collaboration. However, it becomes very easy to fall victim to feeling like you’re not enough. Being surrounded by so much talent, it’s inevitable to feel a little fraudulent. But then you experience your few days of self-pity, dust off your ass, take a walk around the block, and realize you’re in NEW YORK FUCKING CITY so you get back to work. 

The city is like a creator’s battery. Sure, juice can run out from time to time but all it takes is the city for a recharge to remind you that you are capable. It takes one reality check that you live in New York City to give you the guise of confidence mentioned earlier, to slap you in the face and tell you that you’re being a whiny little bitch.


There are so many people to learn from, to inspire, to discuss, to teach. Your creativity has no bounds. Creators want to be near other people who value their same principles and where else can you find creative individuals than the city that never sleeps? Strength is found in collaboration, the sharing of ideas, the passing of knowledge, and no place can test your strengths like New York City.

Second Chances

New York City is the perfect playground for creators. There’s space to swing, to take a leap of faith jumping off the seat, and get bruised and cut when they don’t execute the landing. But from there, they get up because there’s still the monkey bars to climb and the slide to enjoy after you’ve overcome all the steps.

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