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Virtual Art Galleries to Visit in the Comfort of Your Home

It is 2021 and we have been at home for nearly a year. I get it, being at home absolutely sucks and you’ve had enough. So why not switch up your “stay at home” routine with some art? Aside from the Google Arts & Culture website, you can now visit your favorite museums with the click of a button.

The Art Institute of Chicago

Although the Art Institute of Chicago is temporarily closed, they now offer virtual tours. The Art Institute of Chicago has two touring options: Highlights and Interactive Features. The “Highlights” section has 18 subsections of art, including but not limited to American Art, Asian Art, and Art + Activism. On the other hand, the “Interactive Features” section has a total of 32 subsections. Luckily, there is no additional cost to explore the virtual world of the Art Institute of Chicago. Take a look at their wonderful display of art here.


The Metropolitan Museum of Art has created its own virtual tour, The MET Unframed. The MET Museum had recently teamed up with Verizon and launched this virtual experience. The MET Unframed gives its virtual visitors the opportunity to view up to 50 art pieces. And it gets better! It also provides a gaming experience. The MET Unframed is accessible to anyone who owns a 4G or 5G device. Take a tour of The MET Unframed for free here.

The Mint Museum

The Mint Museum located in Charlotte, North Carolina has launched its own virtual gallery, Expanding the Pantheon: Women R Beautiful. This virtual gallery experience includes photographs by Ruben Natal-San Miguel. Miguel’s goal was to present beautiful women of all cultures. This gallery offers 4 installation views and 8 photographs. At no cost, visit this amazing gallery here.

The Dalí Theatre and Museum

The Dalí Theatre and Museum offers a 360 virtual tour of its museum. In addition to that, they offer 3 separate sections to feed the artistic, digital mind. These 3 separate sections are to entertain, teach and inspire. Take a look at what Dalí has to offer here.

The Vatican Museum

Now, you can visit Europe from the comfort of your laptop screen. The Vatican Museum offers a virtual tour from anywhere in the world. With this 360 virtual tour, you are able to see the beauty that the Vatican Museum has to offer. Virtual visitors can now take in the grandeur of the Sistine Chapel and much more! Explore now here.

With the help of technology, you can now visit the National Gallery through your phone, desktop, or VR system. Yes, with the VR system you can experience a very realistic visit as if you actually went in person! Treat yourself to this free virtual experience here.

Picasso Museum

Looks like you don’t need a plane ticket to visit the Picasso Museum located in Barcelona. The Picasso Museum is offering a virtual look at 7 different rooms of art. Each “room” provides a video to view the art. This virtual tour shows the exhibits, courtyards and more. Get a taste of Barcelona for free here.

The Art Gallery of Ontario is offering private virtual tours for groups of up to 15. With this private tour, you can now have one-on-one time like at a real museum. For this, it is required to reserve you and your group’s spot at least two weeks in advance. Since it is a private session, the value of the virtual tour is $250. Reserve your spot here.

2021 is feeling like 2020’s younger sister. With that, we can expect more museums to provide us with virtual tours. In fact, The Manhattan Beach Arts Center’s virtual art exhibit has launched on January 22nd.

Featured Image Credit : https://unsplash.com/@handywicaksono

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