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Top 10 Unisex Clothing Brands to Follow on Instagram

You gotta admit, we’re living in a world that is becoming more and more accepting, ultimately creating safe spaces to wear whatever the hell you want. From Harry Styles wearing a dress on the cover of Vogue magazine to Billy Porter being the first man to be the cover of Allure’s magazine, let me just say there’s definitely light at the end of the tunnel. That said, here are the top 10 unisex clothing brands that one: you should be following on Instagram, and two: you should buy a thang or two if they’re within budget! It’s okay; you’re not the only one doing more window shopping than buying clothes.

1. Ader Error

If you love a good trench coat, this brand is right up your alley. Started in December of 2014, Ader Error is a clothing brand based in Seoul, South Korea. The brand makes pieces that are cool and playful yet minimalist and contemporary. On top of that, their shirts are unique, while their bottoms are funky and bold. Instagram post shared by @ader_error

2. Andersson Bell

Here we have a brand called Andersson Bell. Like Ader, this brand is based in Seoul, South Korea. What makes this brand stand out is that not only do they make urban streetwear, but they also combine a hint of minimalist Scandinavian style to it. Fun fact: on their website, it states: “the first word “Andersson” is from a typical Swedish last name and the second word “Bell” represents a traditional Korea bell.”

Instagram post shared by @anderssonbell

3. B Slash B

If you’re like me, you’re going to fall head over heels for B Slash B. Why? B Slash B does a fantastic job at creating a muted color palette, which shows through their matte black skirts and their bold, all-black trench coat. And yes, fellas this a unisex brand as well.

B Slash B Cross Over Jean Beige

4. Nohant

Based in Seoul, South Korea, Nohant is a unisex brand, with a fundamental premise to keep their clothes as simple and essential as possible. Most importantly, they dedicate their time and creativity to stand out from the rest. For example, you gotta love their baggy-vibe pants, where everything is practically oversized, and a pair of all-white Nike AirForce 1 shoes would work perfectly with their oversize sweatshirts and sweatpants.

5. 13Month

13Month pushes boundaries, even going as far as to call their clothing brand a month that does not exist. That’s pretty bold if you ask me. But as stated on their website, “the name 13Month, thus, is a symbol of continuous growth,” and I agree; on their website, in the accessory section, what appears to be a male figure, despite his face cut off, is confidently holding up a bright red purse. And that’s not the only thing that makes their brand amazing. Located in their men’s T-shirt section, look at their tie-dye shirt: oversize trousers with a pair of black boots (preferably Raf Simons) would pair great with it.


6. Evan Laforet

Evan Laforet offers its consumers an opportunity to indulge in cool yet basic universal workwear staples. I’d advise you to go on their website (now!) and snag yourself their brown trench coat along with one of their sweaters: you won’t be disappointed.


Having a nude palette, MOIA does a great job maintaining a naturalistic look, while giving us as many variations of it as possible. Their trench coats are to die for! Seriously! And guess what, it’s pretty affordable.

8. Madmars

If you’re looking for t-shirts or sweaters with a graphic design, you should first look at Madmars. They have a wide range of products with different designs on them; plus, it’s very affordable.

Madmars Pigment Text Sweatshirt


Like Partimento, WKNDRS experiments with colors and global independent designers to produce a wide variety of clothes, which are suitable for those who are willing to stand out.

10. Partimento

In case you’re in need of another fleece, or even a sweater, no worries, I got you. Partimento, which strays away from the conventional factors that assess the value and quality of a brand, prides itself in making its products affordable (trust me, we need that during times like this!) and durable for the season to come.

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