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Tips & Tricks for TikTok Beginners

Everyone seems to have ditched other social media platforms and favorites the fairly new app, TikTok. For anyone unfamiliar with TikTok, the best description is… well, Vine 2.0. Influencers and other creators are using TikTok simply for fun. While many users have gone viral (does the name Charli D’Amelio ring a bell?), many others struggle with gaining attention and followers. Therefore, here are several tips that’ll help with views and followers:

1. Post 3xs Daily

The rumors are true, consistency is key. TikTok users have stated that the more they post, the more they are featured on the FYP (for you page). Therefore, this increases their views and audience when other users notice this same person multiple videos in a row.

2. Use hashtags

In contrast to popular belief, using the “#fyp” hashtag will not increase your chances of being on the FYP. In fact, using hashtags that are related to your video help increase views. Using other popular hashtags including your own unique hashtags will be more beneficial, due to everyone trying to land on the FYP. Therefore, if your video is a food tiktok, use #food. But, avoid #fyp at all costs.


3. Audio Choice

From personal experience, I know one of the most difficult choices when making a TikTok video is the background audio. Furthermore, to help increase your chances of gaining views, use the “TikTok Rival” section. That is because this section solely depends on what audio is perfect at that moment.

4. Time Limit

What can I say? The shorter, the better! A video of 15 seconds or less will increase the chances of it being viewed. Undoubtedly, as human beings our attention span isn’t all that great—no one really wants to watch a 60 second video.

5. Posting Times

Who would’ve thought? Punctuality exists on social media too!

6. Avoid the App

Once you post your video, don’t use TikTok. It is said that the less you interact, the more likely your video will be pushed onto the FYP. To further understand, user @lynnjustvibin explains more details on TikTok.


7. Engage, Engage, Engage

The more you engage with your current viewers & followers, the more they will actually continue to do so. It can be as simple as replying to their comment in another video. Thus, engaging with your audience will improve your chances of attracting more people.

8. Go Live!

As you may have noticed, live videos are automatically featured on the FYP. As a result, this attracts people to view your current live stream and hopefully gain a follow from that audience.

Trends on TikTok change more than the seasons. TikTok favors trending videos. In this case, if that means you have to participate in the current dance video trend, guess you better start learning the choreo!

10. Be Unique

In addition to following the trends, it is most important to find your niche. The more you stand out with your content, the more people will be drawn to you. At the end of the day, anyone can do a dance video—what makes you, YOU? Maybe you travel a lot? Maybe you can cook? Use your talents to your advantage!

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