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Tips to Improve Your Instagram Feed

Nowadays your Instagram says more about you than your mother could. 

What I mean by this is people are turning to Instagram as a means to present themselves to the world. Jobs are found, relationships are formed, and businesses grow all through Instagram! Forget about actual personalities and personal interaction, just make sure your feed is up to par.

And though that is clearly sarcasm, sometimes it may feel that way—especially when Instagram can even become a source of income. 

Here are essential tips to improving your Instagram feed to better portray you and your brand.

Consider an Instagram Theme

Many people use consistent filters throughout their feed to make the grid appear very sinuous. This is an easy and effective way to achieve a visually stimulating and pleasing aesthetic throughout your feed.

Understand Your Audience

Know who follows you and understand why they chose to click the blue button. If your brand is about fashion, understand that your followers don’t want to see content about cars. Same as if you’re a photographer, you wouldn’t be posting shitty pictures from your B-side—although don’t get me wrong, some of those can still be very cute.

Utilize Hashtags


Though they can seem pointless and if anything rather annoying, hashtags are important if you want your posts to get noticed. Make sure whatever hashtags you do provide are relevant to the post. For example, say you are posting some of your photography, make sure to hashtag photography, your location, camera used, and so on. This helps other accounts searching for content to repost to find you, others to connect with you, and new followers to join your audience.

Alternate the Type of Content You Post

Whether you’re rotating between stills, selfies, product shots, or landscapes, make sure there is some variety to your grid. No one wants to stare at a stagnant feed with the same 8 selfies or stills in a row. Bring some movement to your feed by varying the types of post on a consistent basis.

Use Instagram Planner Apps


There are plenty of apps on the market solely to help you schedule out and preview your posts. Capabilities such as these ensure that your photos work in cohesion and you are constantly posting on your account if you schedule content for the week. Consistency is key and followers aren’t following you to not see your content. Try Falcon, Planpoly, Preview and many more apps you can find on the app store.

Edit Your Photos Before Posting

And no I’m not talking in the 2014 Sepia filter. I mean dedicate 10 minutes to lightroom, A Color Story, or even simpler apps like VSCO and add small natural touches to enhance your images. The more visually appealing your photos are, the more likely they will perform well and enhance the look of your overall feed.

Engage with Others


Engagement is a huge reason for an Instagram account’s success—especially for a brand or business. People love good customer service and being quick with responses and actively engaging your followers will definitely help you and your brand in the long run. It shows your followers that you care about their support they give you and provides a sense of personality from the person behind the screen. 

Follow Accounts that Inspire You

Instagram isn’t just some place to be followed, you should do the following as well. Find similar accounts to yours and use them as inspiration for your future posts. Discover what you like and try it out for yourself. It’s amazing what seeing other people’s ideas can do for your personal creativity. 

Incorporate Similar Colors

When looking at a feed, one thing that keeps all of the imagery coherent is a similar color palette. No, this does not mean you have to stick with pale blue and run with it forever. Just keep in mind what colors work well together and try to have little similarities in color throughout your content. It will end up complementing your overall feed appearance without you having to think too hard about it. 

Use Natural Light


Use natural light whenever you can. It adds authenticity to your feed and is key to a quality image.

Enjoy Yourself

Make sure you don’t let perfectionism get to your head. Instagram is meant to be fun, so don’t let it stress you out. Ultimately if you post what you enjoy, that will draw an authentic audience who appreciates the content you put out.

And though it may seem contradictory to the tips above, it’s good to remember that people value authenticity, so show your true self and your true brand. The social media presence doesn’t always have to be as posed and pristine as it may seem. 

Featured image from Unsplash.com

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