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These Apps Allow Musicians to Make Music Together

COVID-19 has no doubt left musicians yearning to play and make music together. With vaccines slowly rolling out, making music with others in-person is definitely on the horizon. However, until then, there are apps to satisfy those needs! So, If you’re stuck at home and are missing the days of playing and collaborating with others, take this time to make music with musicians online. Until of course, you’re able to do it in-person.


With there being an iOS app, android app, and desktop assistant, BandLab allows users to create and collaborate on music from anywhere. A free online DAW, the platform includes about 200 instruments, guitar/bass amp simulations and opportunities to important and record live audio. Additionally, BandLab has a Tip Jar feature which allows creators to earn money from fans!


Kompoz is a music collaborating platform that allows musicians to create music with each other from all around the world. In addition it has Community and Group to interact with others an talk about all things music. Kompoz is free to join and has monthly subscription options that have advanced features. Learn more here.


This app, similar to the others, allows for musicians to share, record, and collaborate on music. SoundStorming is free to download and encourages users to make connections, promote their music and grow their fanbase.


PiBox not only allows musicians to make music together but permits users to review and share creations. Though it’s free to download and use, the subscription—unlike the paid ones for $5 and $10—does not allow for unlimited projects.


Free to use, Endlesss in particular is intended for electronic and techno musicians. The app was “built by life-long musicians for a lifetime of music-making: a tool to play, learn and grow, a place to connect with your tribe and find your creative voice.” Download the app to collaborate, share, talk to, and get advice from other musicians.

Whether it be missing and wanting to make music with other musicians, wanting to make connections, seeking advice, or preventing boredom, the apps above are the answer!

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