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The First Beauty Editorial by & for Beauty Professionals

The internet’s first P2P beauty editorial shares industry secrets and reconsiders what it means to be beautiful.

Beauty Archive is a remarkable magazine, unlike any that has hit the beauty scene. From rainbow-colored eyelashes to lips bigger than Kim K’s ass, Beauty Archive has reinvented visual artistry with a beauty editorial.

Beauty Editorial Background

In comparison to other editorials, what makes Beauty Archive so unique is that every issue is P2P: professional to professional. That said, Beauty Archive allows professionals to survey and contribute to their high-end beauty content. But one may ask, what does this mean for me, the reader? It means you’re no longer going to have to listen to or take advice from a fucking amateur typing away at their desk. Beauty Archive is a magazine made for professionals by professionals to educate one another in the industry.

Even though the magazine has only been around for three years, founded in 2017, BA has made their mark as a major source for beauty content. Upon creation, they aimed to be “the most authorised and legitimate source of beauty content on the internet.”

“The most authorised and legitimate source of beauty content on the internet.”

Beauty Archive

Said Beauty Archive: “BA handpicks contributors and beauty professionals who can produce fresh beauty ideas/shoots/content and are willing to educate other artists.” Their positions range from hairstylists, makeup artists, to beauty photographers. And since each contributor has real professional experience, BA’s content production has reached new levels. These contributors have put out content that they would want to read rather than carter to the masses. Also, it’s the first beauty editorial of its kind with the intention to educate professionals on their platform that allows for communication among those working in the industry. The magazine has become a medium to seek inspiration, share information, and understand the latest advances and concepts in the world of beauty.

Beauty Archive Editorial Highlights

BA’s daily feed consists of “Craft of beauty” with exclusive interviews, how-tos, and recommendations about beauty products in existence. “BA is the one and only source on the internet that shares secrets of editorial beauty.” For instance, each beauty shoot is topped with an explanation of how the beauty look was achieved, and which products were used. Luckily, the world no longer has to search through Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and wonder how the visuals were achieved because after all, Beauty Archive is here to help you!

“BA is the one and only source on the internet that shares secrets of editorial beauty”

Beauty Archive

Because of their energizing visuals, BA has been able to connect beauty professionals from all around the world. On Instagram, BA’s posts are to inspire creators, and with multiple monthly covers, BA’s beauty content never runs dry. 

Finally, the magazine gives creators the opportunity to become a contributor on a submission basis. If accepted, creatives can submit, shoot, or write a beauty story. In conclusion, BA has proven all of the possibilities that an online publication can achieve and the speed and quality in which it can produce. 

Check out their website here or their Instagram.

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