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Reimagine Your Reality With Adobe Photoshop Through Their Newest Short Film

“Take a fantastic voyage with Photoshop”


Adobe celebrated their 30th year by releasing a visionary short film titled Fantastic Voyage directed by Antoine Bardou jacquet, made with 72andSunny and Mathematic. The film takes you through an enchanting subway car that comes to life. The purpose is to show users what can happen when they “unleash [their] creativity and transform [their] everyday routine into a magical odyssey,” in Photoshop, said Adobe.

The shot opens with a mundane scene under fluorescent lighting…pretty accurate to your everyday commute. Except in this film, the train car doesn’t smell of piss and has last night’s mystery liquid on the seat. No, in this train car, Adobe creates a multi-colored universe where the ground turns into lush grasses at the tap of a foot and butterflies dance weightlessly throughout the car as lilac flowers bloom in between seats. 

72andSunny Website

Passengers take the form reminiscent of an Italian renaissance portrait, a cheetah face, an over-the-top illustrated wardrobe, as an advertising image of a dog is even removed from the train car window and fastened atop the head of a rider. A giant octopus tangles its tentacles throughout the car and Keith Haring pop art dances about. The train travels beyond the railways and into the clouds towards a utopian city welcoming this world of fantastical imagination. Outside the train, cars float in the air as a large boombox becomes a business building. This colorful, alternate reality shows the endless capabilities that can be performed in Photoshop and inspires users to rethink their surroundings. 

72andsunny website

Advertising agency 72andSunny discussed that the production of the film began right as COVID-19 hit the states. The work had to be done remotely, further proving Adobe’s idea that “nothing is off limits to the imagination,” said 72andSunny’s website. 

Adobe wants to remind its users that creativity has no bounds. “Using the musical powers of Photoshop,” Adobe said they believe the world to be a canvas, “fit for all the remixing, compositing, blending, and reimagining that the creative mind desires.” The campaign film undoubtedly proves that you can create your own reality in Adobe Photoshop if you only embrace its groundbreaking tools.

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