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Male Black-Owned Businesses to Shop for Your Loved One

For all my couples out there, this one is for you! Have you been having trouble finding a gift for your loved one? Nowadays, the search for a gift isn’t as easy as it was, say, a year ago. Now, one has to not only wear a mask, but also double-check to see if a store is open or not. Because of the coronavirus, many stores have had to close up shop due to a lack of sales and safety measures, leading to an influx of online shopping. Yes, in an ideal situation, where the world wasn’t going to shit, you might not be experiencing as much trouble searching for a gift. However, the fact of the matter is that things are changing rapidly so everyone’s only practical option is to depend on surfing the web.

Recently, there have been several male Black-owned businesses popping up. Some deal with streetwear, while others deal with skincare, or preppy attire. That’s to say that if you’ve been supporting Black businesses and would like to continue to do so, here is a shortlist of Black-owned businesses to check out. It ranges on the more pricer side, but hey, it should be all worth it at the end when you see your loved one smiling, full of happinesses and gratitude.

925 Cowboy

Owned by Instagramer Calvyn James, 925cowboy is, as he likes to put it, “for the modern.” The streetwear brand is primarily known for its fashionable hats, where specific cities’ initials are in different fonts, different colors, surrounded by a durable fabric. These fabrics are in different shades, from brown to black to nude. Other than that, if you go on the website, you will find shorts and sweaters, all of which say: “Cowboy.”

Because he doesn’t have an assistant yet, James has had to package every order himself, which usually means everything is sold out within seconds after a new drop. Don’t feel discouraged, though. His hats are typically in stock; plus, a hat, depending on its color, could be paired with anything.


Instagramer, YouTuber, and now fashion designer, Denzel Dion launched his first collection called NOID last year, October 3, 2020. NOID is a gender-neutral brand featuring cut tops, cargo pants, and cut dresses. Since the drop, some pieces have sold out, but not all; in fact, one piece still in stock is the Croft Jacket, made out of 76% WAX 24% Cotten and designed with an oversized flap, a condom pocket under flap, two slick pockets, and a full-size zipper. The light olive jacket comes in different sizes, including XXS-XXL. Even though this is Denzel’s first clothing land, it seems NOID is here to stay, so why not shop there? What’s not to like about a Black-owned, gender neutral clothing brand? I’ll wait.


Since the drop this year, Humanrace, a skincare company by Pharrell, yeah, you read that right, Pharrell Williams. You may or may not know about the significance of this skincare company, but let me tell you. First, the public has been requesting Pharrell’s skincare regime for what feels like decades. Second, Pharrell appears not to have aged at all over the years. How? I don’t know but we’re about to find out. Third, on his website, humanrace.com, it states: “Humanrace Skincare is a collection of all-gender skincare products created with the belief that, now more than ever, nothing is more important to humanity than our unified health and wellbeing.” So, yeah, I hope you can now see how big of it deal this is!

Peter Jean-Marie

In 2018, Peter-Jean-Marie had gone viral for his bowties/ties being sold at the Ritz Carlton. Peter Jean-Marie makes clothing for both men and women. After the opening of a kiosk store at the Coastland Center MallGraduate, Peter said, “I just wanted to get my foot wet, knowing that I was always traveling to different malls and what not, and I was like I’m going to go ahead and open a consistent shop in my hometown, while I do my weekly pop up shops in different cities,” reported by FOX4. It’s never too late to grab a your husband a festive bowtie, even if he won’t be leaving the house anything soon.

Obviously, these aren’t the only Black-owned businesses, but this is a start in the right direction. The importance is that Black-owned businesses are getting the same recognition as other businesses. Let’s not get complacent during times when we see companies showing support. The support is important, yes, that part is crucial. However, let’s not view it as “we made it.” Because we haven’t. The fight never stops.

Feature Imaged Credit: ©Pexels.com

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