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Lauren Giraldo’s New Social Media Workout

During the year of 2020, society has taken lockdown as the opportunity to start a new workout routine. Throughout this time period, social media users have hyped up fitness influencers such as Chloe Ting. Chloe Ting’s “abs in two weeks” challenge had become one of the most popular fitness workouts due to its accessibility and efficiency. However, at the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, social media is giving their attention to a new workout routine by Lauren Giraldo. Lauren Giraldo’s treadmill workout, coined as “12, 3, 30” by Giraldo herself, has taken the internet by storm.

Lauren’s Influencing History

In fact, it’s no surprise that Lauren seems familiar to the Gen-Z generation. She has been in the social media entertainment industry for several years now. Lauren (AKA Princess Lauren) had started her journey on Vine (who else remembers those good ol’ days?) Over the years, she has used Youtube and Instagram as her main platform. Being one of social media’s admirable influencers, Lauren has also added TikTok as another platform to showcase her life journey. Above all, Lauren has always been popular just by being one of the most humble and raw people on the internet. Recently, she has been gaining much more attention, and it’s all thanks to her treadmill workout!

What Exactly is the 12,3,30 Workout?

As previously mentioned, Lauren created the treadmill workout named, 12,3,30. She explains that the treadmill workout is simply just : an incline of 12, a speed of 3, and the time duration of 30 minutes. Consequently, Lauren has been successful in her fitness journey by simply being committed to this workout. Therefore, she has shared this information on her social media platforms—Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok.

Youtubers Try 12,3,30

The workout routine, 12,3,30 has been hyped up throughout social media for two reasons. The first reason being it’s a low maintenance/simple routine. In addition to that, the results are proven by Lauren. Stunned by this, many have began attempting this routine. Other Youtubers, such as Australian native Susie J. Todd, have uploaded their experience with Giraldo’s workout. Similarly, Youtuber Devon Nicole had tried the routine for 30 days. Spoiler Alert : 12,3,30 is a successful cardio workout!


#12330 On TikTok

In addition to other influencers posting their 12,3,30 journey, TikTok users have joined the trend. Because of this, within the past several weeks, 12,3,0 has gone viral. This is all thanks to Lauren Giraldo and her fanbase. Being that Tik-Tok has a 60 second time limit for each video, TikTokers are using this opportunity to document their progress by posting daily/weekly vlogs. As a result, searching the hashtag #12330 on TikTok will result in hundreds of videos.

Trend or Long-Term?

Although we all know trends change quicker than seasons, don’t be surprised if 12,3,30 is here to stay. Similarly to Chloe Ting, society may rely on Lauren’s 12,3,30 routine as a home workout, especially if the world is looking at another lockdown. Nonetheless, who doesn’t want a 30 minute workout routine that has amazing results?

Featured image from Instagram/@LaurenGiraldo

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