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Instagram’s New Feature: Live Rooms

It’s no secret that technology and social media play a significant role in our daily lives—social media can play an even more significant role in the lives of influencers. After all, influencers rely on multiple platforms to both influence and gain revenue. Instagram has been the main platform for influencers for several years. However, to maintain popularity and differentiate against other competing platforms, Instagram found a way to spice things up. Instagram has launched, Live Rooms.

Instagram Live

In the social media world, live streaming is a fairly new concept. Most users will stay away from live streaming at all costs but some people use this feature constantly. It’s safe to say that the Instagram live streaming feature doesn’t catch much attention. However, for the users that do livestream, they constantly rely on it.

Ever since being a social media influencer has gained popularity as a form of work, live streaming has gained attention. When Instagram Live first launched, it was only available for the user alone to live stream to their followers/audience. Since then, Instagram updated their live streaming feature to have user’s able to live stream together. Instagram live has made it easier for influencers to use their platform to create a bond with their audience… and with the new feature, “Live Rooms,” it can only get better from here!

Instagram Live Rooms

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What is Instagram Live Rooms? Well, I’m here to tell you. Instagram Live Rooms make it possible for four influencers to live stream together! After all, the more the merrier. With a healthy amount of influencers live streaming together, this will increase curiosity, therefore, increase the viewer amount and engagements levels. Instagram believes it will be easier for influencers to gain revenue from their audience through this new feature. With Instagram live streaming, the audience is able to send virtual gifts that will convert to money when the live stream has ended. This helps Instagram and influencers gain the aforementioned revenue.

If there’s one lesson learned from the pandemic, it’s to know that social media can make everyone’s lives easier. With the Instagram Live Rooms feature, there are plenty pf opportunities for influencers, brands, businesses, and even talk shows to gain attention. For influencers, this will not only make it easier for them to create bonds with their audience (and gain revenue), but this can also be used to promote their items from their brand collaborations. For brands and businesses, Instagram Live Rooms can be beneficial by live streaming with brand ambassadors, making their brand seem more trustworthy, and answering any questions potential customers might have.

In regards to talk shows (like The Real), this feature will be easier for them to work from the comfort of their home and also connect with their everyday viewers. With technology advancing daily, it wouldn’t surprise me if live streaming on platforms would be the new “television” in the near future. I think the pandemic has made people comfortable with working from home safely and Live Rooms will prevent talk show hosts, and guests from ever having to leave their homes again. Just think about the opportunities we have as a society with Instagram Live Rooms… fitness tutorials, fundraisers, cooking tutorials (we all want to see chefs Gordon Ramsay and Anne Burrell cook together!).

How To Live Room

Similar to the regular live steaming feature, the user will have to choose the “Live” option. After doing so, the user will have the choice to add a title for their show! The user then has the opportunity to invite three more guests. It’s important to keep in mind that the user won’t have to invite all three guests beforehand. The user can have “surprise” guests in the middle of the live stream event, keeping the audience on their toes and increasing engagement levels!

Seems simple enough right? Now that you’re aware of Instagram Live Rooms and their benefits, do you think you will be taking advantage? And the questions remains… will Instagram Live Rooms make users gravitate away from TikTok live streaming (and other similar platforms)?

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