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Instagram Launches ‘Professional Dashboard’: Another Way to Help its Creators

The Professional Dashboard

A few days ago, Instagram announced a new feature to help business accounts: the Professional Dashboard. This feature is for anyone who uses the platform professionally. Designed to optimize marketing and time spent on the app, Instagram claims there are 3 tools that go into the Dashboard.

  1. Track Your Performance allows users to keep a close eye on their performance stats. It highlights and makes note of key trends in your data and shows comparative stats for previous months.
  2. Grow Your Business gives you quick access to different tools to aid in the management of your account. The Dashboard is all about allowing you to use your time more effectively and strategically. Through the Grow Your Business tab, you can also check if your account is eligible for monetization.
  3. Stay Informed offers links to Instagram’s newest educational resources on how to run a more successful business.

Even though most of these features have already been present on Instagram, the choice to link them all together in one place was a smart move by Instagram. This addition makes it easier to manage your business, as everything you need is in one place.

The update highlights the growing importance of social media for influencers and businesses. In 2021, it feels impossible to succeed without proper branding and usage of social media. Hence why this cohesive update makes it easier for people to stay on track.


The Power of Instagram

If you’re not new to marketing a business on Instagram, you will recognize all of these features. But the ease that is being able to access them all at once will feel new. Instagram credits the success of its other business-oriented tools like Badges, Instagram Shop, and Branded Content tools for the creation of the Professional Dashboard.

Instagram garners more than one billion monthly users, and businesses and influencers understand the potential the app has. The move to strengthen its business tools clearly has to do with the overall emphasis on consumerism that we have already seen the app undergo. In November of 2020, Instagram replaced the Activity tab on the home screen with a Shop tab. The Shop tag makes it easy for consumers to look at different products catered to them. User can even purchase items through the app.

The Shop Tab


This decision was good news for business owners who now have a dedicated place on Instagram to push and sell products. With so many users on the app, there is a lot of potential to reach new customers. Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri explained the decision by saying “with the Shop tab, we’re making it easy to get inspired by creators you love, shop on Instagram, and support small businesses. You can find personalized recommendations, editors’ picks curated by our @shop channel, shoppable videos, new product collections, and more.”

With other successful apps like TikTok and Twitter, Instagram has joined the fight to make more money than its competitors. They took a big risk with the placement of the Shop tab, but it must be proving fruitful considering this new launch of the Professional Dashboard. Making users spend more time and money on the app will prove successful for Instagram over time.

Feature image credit: https://unsplash.com/photos/EQSPI11rf68

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