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How to Celebrate Black History Month With Your Brand

Let me start off by saying thank you UberEats for your commitment to supporting black-owned businesses! Oh, yes, YouTube too! Thank you for launching the #YouTubeBlack Voices Fund with the intention to amplify fresh narratives by Black creators. That’s to say that change is on the horizon and that other companies are moving in the same direction: uplifting Black voices to level out the playing field. Throughout Black History Month, if you’re trying to show your support, here are some key suggestions to keep in mind as you figure out what you can do.

1. Center Black-owned businesses

Facebook/ Uber Eats

In my opinion, Uber has done a good job at supporting the black community, especially black-owned restaurants. Instead of simple, quick minute or two advertisements, stating, “support black-owned businesses,” Uber took it a step further and implemented a section solely for these businesses, where the app displays a designated link to every black-owned restaurant in your area. You can do something simpler as well. Be creative, but just make sure to be as inclusive as possible.

2. Cultural intelligence is key


For this to all make sense, when brands miss the mark with campaigns, trust me, you’d know. Take the Pepsi campaign, for example. What was supposed to be an inclusive campaign suddenly flopped! It’s safe to say that picking Kendall Jenner wasn’t the wisest thing to do and for obvious reasons! If you don’t know, then I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. To catch you up to speed, simply type in the letters ‘k.a.r.d.a.’ and trust me you’ll be caught up in no time. Honestly, be mindful of who you choose to represent your brand, as sometimes the intention might have been done in good faith, but the reality is proving otherwise.

3. Collaborate with your team or an influencer

VIDEO CREDIT: https://www.instagram.com

Finally, the one and only, Rickey Thompson, sponsored by UberEats. Above is a video of him being very funny and charismatic about the app. And what’s so important is that UberEats reached out to a Black influencer and took it a step further to implement black-owned restaurants on their app. Another point is that as a way to support the black community, reach out to Black influencers. Forbes.com said, “Co-creation with the communities not only helps you develop a greater degree of cultural intelligence, but it also helps connect the communities to your campaign at a deeper level.” This is all true, especially given Rickey Thompson had the chance to add his own creativity to promoting the app, providing a platform for Black creators to showcase their creativity.

Every day is a new day, which gives you more of a reason to shine light on different businesses, if that’s where you want the direction of your brand to go.

Featured Image Credit: ©Pixaby.com

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