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Find Your Creative Career at Creatively

“The job platform for creatives.”

When you’re job searching you have sites like Glassdoor and Indeed, even your mother suggesting employment options for you, but do they ever really give you what you’re looking for? When it comes to creative careers, sometimes people or websites just simply don’t get it. 

New Age of Job Listings

Yet now, a new website exists for the sole purpose for creators in the professional industry to find their dream job and connect them to others in the field. As the site advertises, “finally: a professional platform for the creative world.”

Facebook: Creatively

Creatively was launched in the summer of 2020 by Stacey Bendet, CEO of New York based clothing company Alex + Olivia. During a time where Covid-19 was responsible for many complications within the creative industry such as fashion shows, museums, events, film productions, etc., Bendet invented a solution. She created a platform specifically for creatives to connect and find jobs alongside other creators.

The site caters to a ranging list of fields including photography, animation, fashion, illustration, product development, architecture, and more! Creators can use the app to upload their portfolio, network with other individuals, and find full/part-time work in areas they are truly interested in. 

Solution for the Creative Community

Bendet mentioned to Forbes that “other professional networking sites don’t serve the creative community. They don’t make it easy for companies to discover talent or review a creative’s portfolio in one easy-to-navigate place.” Creatively alleviates those issues. It’s unlike anything that the community has seen!

Sure, creatives have found other ways to network and job search, but a lot of times it’s hard to get the recognition for your work. Exposure is difficult to achieve in order to get where you want to be. It’s become more of an “all about who you know” industry. 

What sets this program apart from the rest is the portfolio sharing function. The app ensures an easy upload and exposure to one’s work—no matter the experience level or who you know going into it!

Brand Partners

Those joining the community can find partnering companies of reputable stature. For example, current brand partners include HBO Max, Westbrook Media, Skims, and many more! People can find anything from entry level jobs, internships, or senior level positions. The app can be used not only for those seeking work but those looking to hire. Companies can partner with the app to find potential employees and easily stream creative candidates for hire. 

The app is free to both users: individuals and companies/brands. However, there was mention of a potential periodical subscription base for brands in the future but none for creatives. 

Creatively Highlights

Creatively offers more than portfolio sharing and job listings. The app has their own line of free, virtual classes. Upcoming courses include a “Photography” class on January 27th and a “How to Freelance” on January 28th. Most classes are run by professionals in the industry being highlighted. Users can get their tickets to the classes but should act fast because they fill up quickly!

After downloading the app, you can choose to use it for job search, hiring, inspiration, collaboration, or all of the above. From there, your feed will filter your interests and show you other creators connected on the app. Your profile allows you to customize your current projects, collaborators, skill set, along with the addition of your resume and portfolio. 

It’s damn time the creative community was able to connect easier than ever before. Creatively is a step in the right direction for making careers in the creative industry more accepted, more sought after, and more attainable. Download today and you might just find the inspiration, collaborator, or job you were looking for!

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