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Chloe Ting Became Youtube’s Sixth Top Creator for 2020. Here’s why.

TikTok in fact did do it’s magic.

Quarantine got everyone into a lot of interesting hobbies. People always mention baking copious amounts of banana bread. But really, who the fuck made high-caloric cakes? Because the majority of the world seemed to be more concerned about getting abs within two weeks, not scarfing down banana bread like Paul Hollywood! This time no one wanted a “soggy bottom” and they weren’t talking about their pastries. Instead, they wanted a butt lift and a six-pack promised in less than 15-days. You can understand why most people were intrigued, why she is now a top creator. 

Creating in Quarantine…

This intrigue is how Chloe Ting became the talk of TikTok; Inspiration to achieve fitness and an “ideal” body for anyone scrolling on their phones – and there were many during isolation. Average people brought up her fitness challenges more than that the one douchebag, gym rat neighbor who only talks about his workout regiments.

Chloe Ting is an Australian Youtuber, who began dedicating her channel to dieting and fitness in 2017. Within those three years, Chloe Ting has successfully surpassed many of her fellow fitness Youtubers. Some of which have been creating content way longer than her. The attention around her content even earned her spot as a candidate for the 2020 shorty awards for health and wellness. Some would say her success is all thanks to TikTok. 

In December, Youtube released “The Top Youtube Creators of 2020,”. There were some returning names from previous years, like MrBeast. But Chloe Ting was a new addition to the list. She was announced as the 6th Top Youtube Creator of 2020.

Spike in Fame & Fitness

Her fame came fast. And as with many creators, it only grew after she became a viral success. Her minimalist workouts require no equipment making her workouts accessible to anyone. She provided an easy way to cure people’s quarantine boredom. By investing in the popular COVID-fueled trend of people using their free time to work on their mental and physical health.

American culture, especially, has always been so focused on working and staying busy to be considered  “successful,” so when 331,002,651 Americans were left with more time on their hands than they’ve ever experienced, fitness had never seen such a spike in interest. Funny, what about sitting on our asses made everyone suddenly want to get a body they couldn’t even show off?

Reason behind Chloe Ting's success. Fitness Statistics.
Details: United States; YouGov; The Economist; April 12-14, 2020; 1,486 respondents; 18 years and older; Online survey

No doubt Chloe Ting provides quality content with useful workouts and fitness tips, but it’s interesting to reflect on how impactful social platforms are to a creator’s success. Without TikTok giving Chloe Ting the exposure she received, she might never have made the Top Youtuber Creators of 2020 list. 

Her content created with challenges made an effective way for her to generate buzz and draw attention as people naturally prefer to attach a time frame to their goals. It’s the time frame that motivates people to do the work; it’s why deadlines even exist. People love to feel accomplished, which is exactly what Chloe Ting provided for her followers. 

Her most popular video is the Abs in Two Weeks Challenge that has now received 278 million views. She demonstrates quick and effective10-minute workouts to do each day for 14-days, making the excuse of “no time” negligible. 

Progress Posts

What’s even more motivating to her followers? The progress posts that she includes on her channel congratulating actual results that have come from those who completed her challenges. These progress posts had significant power over her following. Therefore, proving that she promised results aren’t a hoax, generating more momentum and circulation of her content.

At the beginning of quarantine, on March 15, 2020, Chloe Ting had 2.8 million subscribers, now 9 months into the pandemic where she had reached the most success in her career, Chloe Ting has over 2.4 million followers on Instagram, and a whopping 16.4 million Youtube subscribers. 

With hours stuck inside, Chloe Ting provided an easy way to prioritize fitness. Chloe Ting has reminded creators that all it might take is one viral piece of content to become one of the Top Youtube Creators of the year…or an insane six-pack of abs.

Check out her Instagram and website.

Featured image: Chloeting.com

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