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An Auto-Caption Feature is Being Tested for Instagram Stories

Honestly at this point streaming shows without subtitles is simply psychotic. If you’re over at someone’s house and they don’t have closed captioning on that’s a red flag right there.

Seriously though, am I the only one who can’t understand a word unless the subtitles are on?

Instagram’s New ‘Closed Captioning’ Feature

Instagram must agree because a new feature is currently in the works to bring closed captioning to Instagram stories, according to Social Media Today.

This means that the audio attached to your Instagram story will automatically generate its very own subtitles, and transcribe your words into text on screen. The feature will be a sticker and is rumored to vary in font options.

Well known social media commenter, Matt Navarra, recently tweeted a series of video demonstrations and pictures to show the new ‘Closed Captions’ sticker in use.

Public Response to ‘Closed Captioning Feature’

His tweets have amassed tons of likes, comments, and retweets proving that the general response to this new feature seems to be met with much excitement. 

Navarra gave an updated tweet on March 9th quoting @Instagramcomms (Instagram’s PR team) with more news. @Instagramcomms said “[w]e’re always exploring ways for people to better express themselves in Stories. This feature is not currently publicly testing.” 

Instagram is constantly trying to add new features to its platform to stay relevant within a social network saturated world. One of their notable features added earlier last September was the automated captions for IGTV. The closed captioning sticker will be a similar model.

The clip Navarra posted shows in real time how you’ll be able to access the feature through the sticker selection in the Instagram story drop down. From there, once you select the CC sticker, your audio will immediately be transcribed into text and formatted onto your story. 

‘Closed Captioning’ in Testing

Though the feature is only in testing, some public accounts were able to try it out. However, once people selected the sticker and got the closed captioning to work they inevitably experienced an “Internal only” error upon trying to upload. Since the feature isn’t fully out of testing, the public can not access it to its full capabilities as of now, but a little preview of what’s to come may only have users more anxiously awaiting its drop.

Social Media Today reported that there are seemingly four fonts in testing “including typewriter-esque block text, larger words for added emphasis and basic block letters.”

Apparently this closed captioning sticker for stories was influenced by Threads app from Instagram—a tool that helps easily share photos/videos to close friends in the fastest way possible. Threads had an auto-caption feature already which many were using to then make TikToks. Now users without the Threads app will be able to include closed captions into their Instagram stories.

The Future of Instagram Stories

“Instagram’s been developing the option since at least August last year,” said Social Media Today.

The feature has no set date for when it will be released to the public but from what common consensus has found, Instagram users cannot wait for the day. 

Closed captioning on stories will reach wider audiences, create a greater understanding of what goes on in stories, and of course, not require the volume to be on in order to get the gist of an Instagram story. Yes, that means you can watch all the IG stories of your choosing at dinner, or in church, with no volume…no one will even know! 

Especially for content creators, this tool could help alleviate any miscommunication in their stories and overall benefit any of their promotion deals that they handle across IG stories. 

So for now we will just have to wait for more news on the stickers release and anxiously await to add even more closed captioning into our lives.

Featured image from: Unsplash.com

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