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All You Need to Know About This Weekend’s Creativity Conference

Calling all creatives

Beginning Friday, January 22nd through Sunday, January 24th, The Creativity Conference will commence. The conference—made by a team of creative experts—joins creatives from across the globe for a virtual event to “explore the essence of creativity in all its forms,” celebrating the process of bringing original ideas to life, and answering important questions:

Can our ideas be made manifest in an impactful way and how?
How can we define the future by creating it? 
Do words like care, compassion, kindness, and nobility change our perception of the creative process and how?
How do you find that state of mind, that feeling of flow, that lightning strike of inspiration?

Creatives will explore the answers through 90 online presentations, 3 keynotes including photographers, filmmakers, dancers, authors, fine artists, musicians, and more. Furthermore, there will be 50 creative speakers.

Creative Exploration

The idea of the conference is to not look at creativity with a linear eye, but from all angles. Of the 90 presentations, some will be practical while others more philosophical. “It is a search for creativity itself,” as opposed to discussing only a singular type of creativity.

Conference Session Categories

The architecture of the conference is made up of 7 creative genres: Music, TV/Film/Games, Literature, Photography, Fine Art, Inspiration, and Performing Arts.

Still wondering if the conference is for you? Curious if you’re creative enough? Well, “if there are nights that you cannot sleep until you have jotted that mark on the page, written the stanza, broken the mold, and changed someone’s mind, then you are a creative,” and this conference is of interest to you. Not to mention the entire experience is FREE and it’s faster to sign up than to say no!

Overview of Conference Highlights

as stated on their website:

  •  Three days of inspiring, challenging, engaging, and participatory experiences and presentations that explore the spirit of pure creativity
  •  90 sessions
  •  Three Keynote presentations
  •  Over 50 amazing creative speakers
  •  All sessions are live AND will be recorded – accessible for several months after the conference – don’t miss a moment!

Moreover, each session has a unique link to join. All live presentations will be held over Zoom. As previously mention, each session will be recorded so you don’t have to worry about missing any bit of information. Overall, there will be a total of 5 live webinar rooms including presentations 6 times each day.

Furthermore, all times are stated in EST. However, once you sign up each sessions time will automatically adjust to your time zone.

Conference Schedule

Conference Competitions

The conference holds two unique competitions: ‘One Minute Film’ and Open Creativity. The submission timeline has been closed but the winners of each will be announced at one of the keynotes. Prizes will be awarded thanks to partners Raindance, FilmDoo.com, and Artists United.


What | The Creativity Conference

When | January 22 – 24, 2021

Where | Online (Zoom)

How | Free Registration

Featured image source Facebook The Creativity Conference

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