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A Round of Applause for YouTubers

YouTube has been around for decades. And within each decade that passes by, YouTube and YouTubers have gained popularity. It seems as if it’s everyone’s career dream is to be a YouTuber… and I can’t blame them. I mean, let’s be honest; nothing sounds better than being paid for what you love to do! Vlogging, shopping hauls, and tutorials (along with editing videos) seems like the best way to live life. But, the truth of the matter is, a YouTuber isn’t really considered a YouTuber until they gain enough income from their channel. Without enough videos, the creator will not have the opportunity to profit from their work. However, Youtube has changed the game.

If I had to pick a favorite hobby, it’d be lounging around and watching my favorite YouTubers all day. It’s a win-win: I’m satisfied with watching their everyday life, and they profit from my views. YouTube has created several successful influencers today. Take Bretman Rock, Lauren Giraldo, and James Charles for example. Due to such a large fanbase, they gain a great profit from each video. Although it seems fair enough for profiting off of the amount of views each video receives, other people may have a difference in opinion…including the owners of YouTube themselves. With this information in mind, YouTube created a new feature: Applause.

YouTube’s new feature, Applause can be beneficial to every YouTuber. Nothing sucks more than working hard on a video but lacking views (therefore, no profit). YouTube’s Applause is here to change that. Similar to Instagram and TikTok’s virtual gifts, YouTube now gives the audience the option of “tipping” the YouTuber. Indeed, YouTube already has a feature similar to “Applause,” SuperChat.

However, within SuperChat, the audience can only tip when the YouTuber live streams. The live streaming feature hasn’t gained popularity, for obvious reasons. YouTubers simply like to perfect their works of art by editing, and that is not possible with live streaming. But, just wait for Applause! It will be used to not only tip through live streaming, but for other regular content. With Applause, the audience has the option to tip up to $50 for each video. For many YouTubers, this is a dream come true.

YouTube’s Applause is currently still in the works but it said to be launched later this year, 2021. It will be even more beneficial to small, upcoming creators with a loyal fanbase. YouTube’s Applause feature will open many doors for aspiring creators. Don’t be surprised when there’s an increase in YouTube users as more people try to live out their YouTuber dreams!

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