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5 Art Accounts You Should be Following on Instagram

Stop looking at your ex’s new partner on Instagram with desperation, instead, look for creative inspiration.

Every creator has to confront their own creative cycle. Productive periods come and go. Undoubtedly, creators at times experience intense periods of motivation, bright ideas, and an unstoppable work ethic, but eventually, find it difficult to grapple with any source of inspiration. It’s important to counteract these creative ruts by surrounding yourself with thought-provoking projects of others.

Instagram for Inspiration

No, this does not mean you need to be comparing someone’s success or creativity to your productive draught but instead use their work as a spark. Indulge in art you maybe don’t particularly like, styles you’ve never tried, read something, explore a new exhibit, or the easiest option: scroll through your Instagram feed.

Social media is a powerful tool for creators and it can be utilized to save you from creative blockage. Here are some amazing art Instagram accounts that you should follow immediately to save you from any lack of inspiration.

1. @nik_gallo

2. @myartmagazine

3. @itsnicethat

4. @jasoncampbellstudios

5. @anothermagazine


Remember it’s okay and completely normal to experience deterrence from your work. Creative blocks can be crippling but it’s essential to look at those periods as a time to progress. Search around, explore new avenues, ideas, and interests of others to see if any stick or provoke ideas for your own work.

(Featured image source from Unsplash.com)

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