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20 Food Instagram Accounts You Need to Be Following

With food quite literally being a means of survival, who’s to say it can’t be visually appealing as well. There is such a market on social media for food focused content and if you enjoy it as much as you like eating it, here are 20 must follow food Instagram’s that will have you drooling over your screen.

1. @mikejchau

Perfect for finding some of the best spots if you happen to live in NYC.

2. @skyemcalpine

This account always delivers on aesthetics.

3. @ashrod

For content that’s always refreshing.

4. @aesthetistt

Aren’t you just drooling?

5. @halfbakedharvest

Inventive and delicious recipes!

6. @walderwellness

Now you know what to make for dinner!

7. @preppykitchen

With easy to follow steps and tutorials, this account will teach you everything from cooking orange chicken to puff pastries.

8. @plantyou

For all the vegans out there.

9. @evakomasflores

The imagery never dissapoints!

10. @gatherandfeast

Follow for recipes that will have you feeling like a pro chef in no time.

11. @theoriginaldish

I mean that cheese pull!!!

12. @playfulcooking

Who wouldn’t want?

13. @ saladforpresident

Actually making salad look appealing, what a concept!

14. @rebelrecipes

If you could only eat your screen.

15. @dennistheprescott

You’re sure to see vibrant and colorful content at all times.

16. @amandasplate

Now understanding the smoothie bowl appeal.

17. @thaliaho

These aren’t your mother’s cookies, they’re much better.

18. @butterbeready

Soup never looked so good!

19. @feedtheswimmers

Aren’t these the most beautiful nachos you’ve ever laid eyes on?

20. @judy.kim

You’ll be constantly entertained with her breathless designs!

I think after all this goggling it’s time to wipe off your mouth and get in the kitchen to start exploring! Who knows, maybe you’ll be the next big food content creator!

Featured image source from: Pexels.com

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